Iowa Irish

Promoting and teaching the Irish Language in Iowa

Students and Instructors at the 2019 Iowa Irish Immersion Weekend at Coe College

Students and instructors at a recent Immersion Weekend

About Us

About Irish

The Irish language, sometimes called Gaelic, is one of Europe’s oldest living languages. It is the first official language of the Republic of Ireland, and is a recognized language of the European Union. It has a fascinating and turbulent history and is strongly connected with all aspects of Irish culture and heritage. A working knowledge of this language would be an invaluable asset to anyone with an interest in Celtic mythology, Irish music, dance, literature, history, or genealogy.

Our Mission

Instructors Chatting during a break in classes at a recent immersion weekend

Iowa Irish Language and Culture is an organization  formed to assist and co-ordinate the various Irish language groups in the state, to organize statewide events, and to liaise with other Irish cultural organizations.


A student's class work at a recent immersion weekend.

We hold an annual Irish Language Weekend in Coe College, Cedar Rapids, every June. Immersion events like this are  unquestionably the best way of learning the language without actually going to Ireland.

We also have a presence at the Iowa Irish Fest each year, promoting the Irish language in the State.